How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

The overall value of the cryptocurrency market, while oscillating, continues to increase year-on-year. From zero at the time of the creation of the first crypto-currency, there was talk of a total valuation exceeding 250 billion dollars at the middle of 2018. Also, investors are multiplying, as well as the services of exchange or acquisition of Bitcoin and altcoins. If there are any serious bridges, security flaws or scams do exist. That's why it's important to select your crypto-trading platform.

An expected service

Comparators are now numerous on the net. They concern fields as different as airlines, banks, vacuum cleaners, investments for the future... 

Bitcoin is the oldest and most valued cryptocurrency. This crypto-currency benefits from the prestige given to it by its anteriority and the innovation it has implemented: the technology of BlockChain. It is therefore logical that it sets the tone for the entire market. From now on, it is possible to compare the gateways between them. It is a precious help while the offer is abundant!

The altcoins are not forgotten

On search engines as in the big media, it is clearly the name "Bitcoin" that comes up most often. But the tree must not hide the forest: the altcoins are numerous and powerful for many. There is also a comparison of platforms to buy Ethereum, the ethers representing the second most popular cryptocurrency.

Will naturally follow the classification of the best sites for investing in crypto-currencies less known to the general public but very interesting. Because of their popularity, Bitcoin Cash, Bytecoin, Litecoin, Vertcoin, Ripple, Nano, NEO and Monero will be particularly studied. These are just some of the many examples of course!

If you had previously hesitated to invest in crypto-assets or to diversify your investments in this sector because of the impossibility to find with confidence the platform of exchange that you need, then you will be delighted by the growth of reliable comparators!

To first choose a good exchange you have to know what you want to do on it... Some people just want to trade the Bitcoin against regular currencies called "Fiat" like for example the Euro or the Dollar others would like to take positions from one currency to another in order to resell when the pair generate a profit. All trading platforms does not offer the Fiat, another term it will be possible on this platform only to buy and sell crypto currency without being paid or without the possibility to make a deposit in euros. Other platforms will allow you to take positions in euros but also in crypto according to your needs. It is advised to you to study the possibilities of each plat-form before registering since in the majority of the cases the inscription is pretty fast in the case you want to buy and sell small volumes but as soon as you wish to increase the capacities you will be required and a number of documents to be validated by the Legal Department.