How to convert Bitcoin into Euro

How to convert Bitcoin into Euro

Bitcoin is seen as the currency for the future. The digital currency was launched in 2009 and since then it has grown massively. There are now many institutions that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment even though the digital currency is yet to receive full adoption. Owning Bitcoin is good since it’s always safe and secure. You can easily convert Bitcoin into a fully usable currency like the Euro. With the price of Bitcoin currently having a good run, it’s important to own than before the price is too high.

There are many ways you can convert Bitcoin into the Euro. However, like all digital platforms, it’s important to get a genuine and reputable platform like ExagoinPay to convert your Bitcoins. The ExagonPay platform is very fast and reliable and will even transfer your funds directly to your bank account.

The process starts by ensuring that you convert your Bitcoins when exchange rates are favorable. This is because the crypto markets keep changing. It’s therefore important to wait to exchange Bitcoin until when the corresponding Euro value rises. After that sell your Bitcoin in the ExagonPay platform. ExagonPay is different since it allows the sale of Bitcoins without waiting for other people to buy it but it converts it instantly. Generally, in most platforms, you can in a simple way click ‘sell bitcoins’ to start the process of waiting for a buyer to accept to buy it at the price you want or even at the market price. Many of the buyers put an order under the market price and this is how they make money but not at ExagonPay. Simply, On ExagonPay Bitcoin can be converted to Euros and the funds transferred directly to your bank account.

You can also opt to use the option of putting your Bitcoin on a debit card which converts into Euro so you can spend your bitcoins buying as you are used to with your regular credit card/debit card.

The most important thing is understanding that not all platforms are safe. There have been very many cases of crypto jacking and malware attacks and therefore it's important to choose a platform that ensures your security. ExagonPay is a proven conversion platform.

Sign up on the platform and get started without any restrictions.