Why affiliates are referring users to ExagonPay

Why affiliates are referring users to ExagonPay

ExagonPay is a platform developed to allow crypto lovers, ecommerce websites and physical shops accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments. The platform is already established in more than 38 countries and converts Bitcoin and Ethereum into different fiat currencies like the USD, GBP, Euro among others.

Many businesses are afraid of accepting digital currencies as a means of payments because of the volatile nature of these currencies. However, with ExagonPay such fear is eliminated since the platform converts your Bitcoin payment into fiat immediately after the payment is done. More to that it also sends the money direct to your bank account.

Why people are preferring ExagonPay

ExagonPay offers a very safe and secure payment system. It’s evident that the crypto markets have been hit by hackers since they came into limelight. To ensure the security of the users ExagonPay has put in place a very strong security system and does not allow transactions from anonymous people. More to that the platform is very fast. In fact, transactions are approved immediately after they are completed in order to ensure business flow.

ExagonPay enables you to store and exchange different currencies into the account. The platform offers very competitive exchange rates.

Get paid for referring people to use ExagonPay. Our platform enables all its users to earn money by referring people to use it. Our commissions are very competitive and have been proven to be the best. Through our automatic payment system, all referrals are paid within time and are given the option they want their pay. If you want to be paid using digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum that’s what you get. In addition, if you want to be paid using fiat currencies that what you are paid.

ExagonPay is working to ensure that digital currencies are used in all businesses in a quick, affordable and safe way. Visit the ExagonPay website and become a member of the growing family.